“It was a huge relief to have such a professional team like Decades LLC handling my family’s situation. We all lived out-of-town and my cousin needed help moving to assisted living, plus she had complicated legal and health care problems. Decades helped her make a smooth transition, and addressed all of her issues in a caring and timely manner.”

“Since Decades LLC took over my care management, my life has greatly improved. My medical conditions have stabilized, and I feel stronger and healthier than ever before. I’m finally getting the help I need in my home so I don’t have to go into an assisted living facility. Thank you Decades!”

“Decades LLC is a delight to work with. Their staff is professional, experienced, and extremely intelligent. They make our job that much easier.”

“Decades took a very complicated and potentially explosive personal injury case with conflicting family dynamics and mediated effectively. They were able to bring calmness to total chaos. This resulted in not only meeting with clients’ needs but also creating a workable situation for the professionals involved.

“My father suddenly passed away and Decades promptly helped me with all the end-of-life arrangements for him. This included dealing with a messy disposition of my parents’ estate, resolving real estate matters, supervising an estate auction, and securing military and government pension entitlements for my mother. Without their expert help and diligent persistence managing my mom’s care and final days would have been very difficult. Decades excels in dealing with all aspects of elderly health care, housing, maintenance, finances, and end-of-life issues. Anyone dealing with similar issues would be well advised to retain their services.”

“This is my highest recommendation of the clinical and financial services offered by Decades, LLC. At first my dad and stepmother only needed financial assistance since Dad lost his eyesight. Shortly thereafter, they were both admitted to a rehabilitation facility. The Decades care manager visited them often and addressed their medical needs. He established a personal and very caring relationship with them. My parents felt secure and loved. I don’t know what I would have done had Decades not been there for my family….they are a true blessing.”

“When your trust needs to go beyond the family, it’s not simple. Since the death of my mother six years ago, Decades Group stepped up and earned my trust the old school way…  They have been the strong thread woven into my father’s blanket of care. Besides developing a personalized plan to manage his fiduciary needs within a fixed income, at the forefront is their commitment to help maintain his sense of independence and security. Decades has the balance of experience and compassion necessary to meet all of the many challenges our elderly parents must face today.  Nancy Arp has done remarkable job as my eyes and ears from far away. Owner, Nancy Oriola has worked tirelessly to develop this amazing team at Decades that is committed to a level of quality I don’t believe could be met by any another. Thank you.”

“My father and my brother wanted to stay in the family home; but, their age and medical problems required more support than I could provide.  Decades (and their associated team) provided the necessary support including financial management, home maintenance, in-home assistance, eventual transfer of my father to assisted living, monitoring of the health and well-being of both men, and arranging for legal assistance.

Decades is professional, compassionate, courteous and trustworthy.  They have allowed both my father and my brother to live their lives as they wished for as long as it was possible.”

“I would like to give a sincere thank you to all the staff at Decades for taking a huge burden off of my family’s mind and heart by overseeing the day to day issues of our sister who resides at an Albuquerque Nursing Home. Her condition forced us to seek legal assistance and guardianship for her in 2012. This included many legal transactions across state lines. Decades was efficient in handling these issues and assisting us through this cumbersome and difficult process. The staff at Decades has been great with including our family in decisions regarding our sister and informing us of any changes, positive or negative in her condition. I have recommended and shall continue to recommend Decades for any person that has a loved one that needs ongoing care in the long term care setting. Having Decades be the objective resource that intervenes and makes the difficult decisions has permitted us to have precious quality time with my sister.”

“Decades has enabled me to manage my 83 year old uncle’s care while living 2,000 miles away. I have worked with Decades  for three years. They have overseen my uncle’s needs as they have progressively increased, arranged for everything from more suitable doctors to home cooked meals, to trainers to transport needs after he could no longer drive. Diplomatic skills have been needed to bridge differences with my uncle’s 90 something wife. When heart surgery was  required, the Decades manager was on the scene all day and well into the night. Having Decades as a partner has given me comfort and surely improved my uncle’s well being.”

“I would like to express my appreciation for the help Decades, LLC has been in my legal guardianship of my family member. With Decades acting as the Conservator for my ward,  I am able to concentrate on her medical care without having to worry about her financial issues. I have the greatest respect and appreciation for the services of everyone at Decades, LLC.

Thank you so much for your help and that of your entire staff during this stressful time for my family.”

“I was caring for my mother in her home when she became bed bound. She had COPD, congestive heart failure, rheumatoid arthritis and the many problems that occur with those problems.  She had worked hard all her life to make sure her and my father, would be cared for as they aged. Her last venture was an RV Park which she held onto long enough to sell it for a little over a million dollars.  She set up a Trust with me as executor.  During this time my father was also having health problems. He had some heart trouble and had pace maker put in, skin cancer, and macular degeneration, and he was in his nineties and becoming frail.  He is an alcoholic and we all worked long and hard to keep him sober.

During this time a woman in her fifties decided that his house and money were meant for her.  After my mother passed away this woman, with the help of a neighbor began to reek havoc on us. I had my daughter and her husband in the house to care for my father. His doctor and psychiatrist had advised us that he couldn’t live alone. We offered to have him live with us in the east mountains but the “woman” vetoed that idea. Things were becoming worse and worse.   The neighbor supplying alcohol to my father which made him mean and violent. The police were called on many occasions. I finally had had it and informed the woman and the neighbor that I was going to take legal action if they didn’t cease and desist. Their next move was to get Adult Protective Services involved. The person who was sent out was just out of school, maybe in her late twenties. She decided immediately, without ever speaking to anyone in the family, that my father was being abused.

Court was the next step. The judge hearing our case was amazing. He read all the information, talked to all of us.  He even moved off the bench to sit beside my father to talk to him.  The judge decided my father needed a court appointed guardian and chose Decades.  It was also decided that I was doing a good job managing the trust.

That decision was the beginning of our association with Decades. They have done an admirable job in seeing my father is cared for, that the money we give them is used carefully and that we have a complete accounting of where the money goes. I can’t imagine having to go through this painful period without Decades. They are doing a thankless job with the utmost care. Nancy Oriola has been especially great at keeping me from feeling desperate and handing me tissues when needed.  I wouldn’t wish these circumstances on any one, but for those who find themselves there they would be blessed to have Decades in their corner.”