National Guardianship Conference LogoHeld annually by the National Guardianship Association, the National Conference on Guardianship is the largest gathering of guardianship organizations in the United States. Decades participated in the 25th annual conference in October, attending cutting-edge presentations and bringing back knowledge on today’s top concerns in guardianship.

While we attended many informative sessions, the highlight of the conference was an interactive Guardianship Scene Investigation where we “walked in the shoes” of a person under guardianship. One of the most challenging aspects of serving as a professional guardian is gathering information about the person under guardianship. The more we know about a person’s history, the better we can ensure we make decisions that are both in their best interest and reflect their wishes.

During the Guardianship Scene Investigation, our team learned how to obtain knowledge from items found among a person’s property, when they are unable to speak for themselves. By taking clues from items like documents, medical equipment, hidden treasures, cultural indicators and lifestyle objects, we can build a better picture of the person.

Scene investigation skills are vital when we work with elder adults who have become mentally or physically incapacitated. It’s also important for families and elder adults to be educated on the options available to them before a situation arises where they can no longer speak for themselves. One way to ensure your wishes are followed is through the Decades Springing Care program. You and your family can establish a plan that Decades will execute on your behalf in the event of a serious medical condition or other emergency. To learn more, download our Springing Care flyer here.

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