When elder adults in your family require care management services, there are many new financial, legal and healthcare decisions to consider. A professional geriatric consultation can help identify the best next step for your family member. As those we love age, the challenges they face become more complex. Emergency medical situations or the diagnosis of medical conditions such as dementia can lead to stress on the entire family. When necessary, Decades can provide family mediation services when family members have significant conflict over the care for an elder adult.Depending on the individual situation, seeking Care Management services is an option for many families. You can learn more about your Care Management options by contacting us.

Springing Care Program

Before a serious medical condition arises with a loved one, families can consider the Decades “Springing Care” program. The Springing Care program establishes a plan that Decades can execute on your loved one’s behalf in the event of a health emergency, decline in physical health or onset of a chronic illness.To learn more, click here to download the Springing Care flyer.

For Trust Officers