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The Changing Nature of Friendship Through Age

We all rely on friends for so many things: social engagement, support during a difficult time, encouragement when we try something new, feedback for new ideas and so much more. You, like so many others, require at least one friendship to feel emotionally happy, connected to caring people, and socially fulfilled. For the last 10 […]


National Senior Citizens Day

Resources: Pew Research Daily Caring Forbes Magazine Journal of Gerontology Aging Life Network podcast   In 1988 then President Ronald Reagan, himself a senior, signed Proclamation 5847 marking August 21 as National Senior Citizens Day. The largest slice of the American population – nearly 72 million boomers – are nearly all senior citizens, pursuing a […]

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The needs of an aging LGBTQ population is a topic that is so often not discussed yet the unique risks endured by these diverse Americans – depression, poverty, isolation, fear of authenticity, less willingness to approach institutional resources – make it an important one. One of the unique challenges is that the LGBTQ population is […]

Conservatorship and Parkinson’s Disease

For more than 12 years, Decades has provided trusted professional guardianship and conservatorship services. A conservatorship is established by the courts with a conservator appointed to manage and protect the financial interests of an individual, determined by the court to lack the capacity to make their own financial decisions. Incapacitated individuals who did not previously […]

Seniors and the Affordable Care Act: What You Need to Know

Are you a senior or older adult with questions about how the Affordable Care Act may affect you? The Affordable Care Act requires everyone to have health insurance coverage. If you are already enrolled in Medicare, Medicaid, or if you have employer-based health insurance, you already have coverage and don’t have to make any changes. […]

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National Guardianship Conference Highlights ‘Guardianship Scene Investigation’

Held annually by the National Guardianship Association, the National Conference on Guardianship is the largest gathering of guardianship organizations in the United States. Decades participated in the 25th annual conference in October, attending cutting-edge presentations and bringing back knowledge on today’s top concerns in guardianship. While we attended many informative sessions, the highlight of the […]


Hiring an End-of-Life Enforcer

“Hiring an End of Life Enforcer” by Paula Span, New York Times The chilling dilemma of “the unbefriended elderly,” who don’t have family or close friends to make medical decisions on their behalf if they can’t speak for themselves, generated a bunch of ideas the last time we discussed it. One reader, Elizabeth from Los […]